Ways to enjoy Passion Fruit

Wash fruit in cold water and pat them dry using soft cloth or paper. Cut the fruit lengthwise in to two equal halves. Then scoop out the juicy pulp with a spoon. Discard the tough shell. Passion fruits have unique tart and sweet flavor and sweet taste. Purple passion fruit are generally smaller in size but more flavorful than yellow-golden passions.

Passion fruit can be enjoyed fresh especially when the fruit is well ripe. Just scoop out the juicy pulp and discard the tough shell which is inedible. Their juicy pulp can also be enjoyed as a re-freshening day drink. Passion fruit adds distinct flavor to fruit salads.

Passion fruit is used in the preparation of sauce, jellies and syrups. The fruit can be employed in various recipes like ice-creams, pizza, desserts,cakes, mousse…etc.