Purple Variety of Passion Fruit

Scientific Name: Passiflora edulis.

Origin: Vietnam

Varieties: There are approximately 400 varieties of the passion fruit plant, only about 30 produce edible fruits.

Fruit: Diameter > 5 cm; length > 7.5 cm; weight > 80gr.

Season: All year round.

Culinary uses:Fruit eaten raw, juice taken as drink.

The Passion Fruit is one of the most exotic of all tropical fruit because of the magic of its aroma and the taste of its fruit. The fruit has the shape of a large egg and is deep purple or yellow when ripe and both are green when unripe. The skin is thick, tough, smooth and waxy. When ripe, the outer skin looks dry and wrinkly. The inner part of the fruit contains an aromatic mass of membranous sacs filled with a yellow colored pulpy liquid and up to 250 tiny, hard, black-pitted seeds. Most passion fruit lovers do not bother to remove the edible seeds. The riper the fruit the sweeter its taste.